Community Smart


Brings State-of-the-Art SMART Technology to Koreatown

Jia Long USA is creating the most desirable address in Koreatown – for the condominium dweller or traveler who wants high-tech, environmentally friendly and cutting edge technology in their domicile. The 631 S. Vermont Ave. building will seamlessly integrate smart technology in the building’s security, lighting, heating and cooling, and information management systems. The benefits of the project’s smart-tech features will extend to the surrounding Koreatown community through the availability of free Wi-Fi and communal workspace for local business owners, area residents and students.

Helps the Community “Go Green”

Smart technology is about more than providing comfort and security in the home. These state-of-the-art systems can save significant amounts of energy and water, and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the effects of climate change. For example, a smart shower meter can save 440 kwh of energy and 8,500 liters of water every year. Smart HVAC controls sense when someone has left the room and automatically adjusts the heat and air as appropriate. The development at 631 S. Vermont Ave. will also include rooftop solar panels. These technologies, if successfully implemented, has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of energy used by hotel operators.

Capitalizes on Koreatown’s Energy, Enthusiasm and Growth.

The project will capitalize on the vibrancy, creativity and multi-culturalism of Koreatown, Los Angeles County’s most densely populated district by population. Koreatown’s thriving nightlife, growing retail presence and its central location makes the community a “go to” destination now and well into the future.

Adjacent to Public Transit… Where the Project Should Be.

The project will help reinvigorate and revitalize a part of the community that hasn’t fully participated in Koreatown’s growth. Located in a designated Transit Priority Area, the project is approximately 100-feet from one of Los Angeles’ most heavily trafficked transit stations (Wilshire/Vermont Station), and is adjacent to Metro’s two busiest rail lines (Red and Purple), as well as regional and community bus lines on Wilshire Blvd. and Vermont Ave. Building tenants and hotel guests will receive free or subsidized Metro TAP cards to encourage them to use public transportation for their journeys around Los Angeles.

Fits with the Area’s Height, Density and Multi-Family Residential Use.

The project will enhance the neighborhood’s varied and distinct residential character. The building’s contemporary design is compatible with new construction along Koreatown’s Wilshire corridor. The project’s ground-floor and second-floor retail, with abundant restaurants, bars and shops, will provide a pedestrian streetscape that will encourage small businesses to add to the community’s economic and entertainment strength.

Adds Much-Needed Housing to Meet Koreatown’s and the City’s Existing and Future Needs.

Koreatown is already the most densely populated district by population in Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles expects to add another 500,000 residents during the next 20 years. The project will add 250 condominiums, 18 of which will be reserved for very-low income tenants, to help meet the City’s growing demand for increased housing where it’s needed most.

Creates Koreatown’s First Modern Hotel in Almost 50 Years.

A modern, full-service hotel will represent an important status symbol and economic engine for any community. Hotels attract visitors, employ area residents and generate much-needed tax revenue. The new hotel will present visitors with a destination in the heart of Koreatown that’s also located between downtown Los Angeles and the Westside. The hotel will offer modern amenities for individuals, families and business travelers, including a pool, fitness center, guest lounge and private open space.

Serves as Jia Long’s U.S. Headquarters.

When the project is complete, Jia Long USA will move its downtown Los Angeles USA headquarters to 631 S. Vermont Ave. Jia Long USA selected this site as its U.S. headquarters because the company believes that Koreatown represents the future center of 21st Century Los Angeles.

Creates Jobs, Stimulates the Economy and Generates Tax Revenue.

During construction and when complete, the project will create jobs, stimulate the economy and generate tax revenue for the 10th Council District and the City of Los Angeles. The project will place a priority on local hiring initiatives and plans to utilize union labor during its construction and operation.